Mounting ADAHRS Sensors

The Dynon SkyView system is all electronic and relies on solid-state accelerometers and other sensors to determine its position and movement in space. In the SkyView system, the Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) sensor provides this information. The SkyView system is capable of working with a primary and a secondary sensor, so that’s how I configured my installation.


I constructed an all-aluminum support shelf just behind the baggage hold. Because of the magnetometers contained in these boxes, you cannot have any ferrous metals nearby, so the sensors were mounted with stainless steel screws and nuts. The static, pitot and angle of attack plumbing is shared between the two sensors as seen in the photo and both units are connected to the SkyView system via a SkyView network hub mounted between them. Both units have their own air temperature probes, which will be mounted under each wing. No static plumbing to run forward and all information is shared over the SkyView network. Isn’t technology great?

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