Static System Rework

Today wasn’t a lot of fun. It’s never fun when you have to dive back into the tail cone to rework something you thought you had finalized. In this case, it was the static system plumbing.

If you look carefully at the first photo below, you will see that I had this clever idea to use a three-way connection on the left static port. Simple and less prone to failure.

Why isn’t everyone doing their static plumbing this way? A few weeks after doing this and after riveting the turtle deck, I realized why others aren’t doing this. This kind of installation is prone to letting water into the static system plumbing. The water comes in through the static port and then proceeds down the tube where it could potentially work its way into my ADAHRS units.  Not good. So it had to be changed.

After wiggling my way into the tail cone, I changed the plumbing as shown in the second photo. This routing matches Van’s recommendations. Water getting into the static ports will have to go uphill to get into the static system plumbing. Not likely.

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