Mounting Flaps

Way back in 2000, when I built my wings, for some reason I never mounted the flap on the right wing. I cannot remember why that didn’t happen, but happen, it didn’t. So, this had to occur before any of the wing fairings could be mounted.

The process turned out to be more involved than planned due to my mounting the flap hinge with a very slight curve. When I attempted to hang the flap on the wing, I couldn’t get the flap hinge pin to insert all the way. So, off came the flap hinge, and a new one was mounted, but this one wasn’t positioned exactly right and when the flap was mounted, the trailing edge of the flap didn’t line up with the aileron, and there was more than the specified 1/4″ gap between the flap and the aileron. To make matters worse, I managed to gash my right thumb in the process.

After giving my thumb and ego a week to heal, I removed the hinge and replaced it, this time correctly. I’ve found in building this plane that the trick is not in doing everything right the first time (there are exceptions to this rule, of course), it’s in having the patience and willingness to keep re-doing the the work until it’s done correctly. Fortunately, AN257-P3 hinges aren’t that expensive.

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