Engine Control Cables

Another unintended consequence of making a non-standard intake manifold and fuel injector choice was that Van’s throttle and mixture bracket won’t work. You are then on your own.

I had a few guiding objectives for fabricating the throttle and mixture bracket:

1. The control cables needed to be routed as far away from the hot exhaust pipe as possible. This meant that they had to be routed above the intake tubes. Van’s control cables are really intended for boats and not intended for the hot and harsh aircraft engine environment, so staying away from the heat was important. Heat shields and reflective heat tape were used liberally to address this:




2. I did not want to create any sort of “bulge” in the lower cowl to accommodate the fuel injector control levers, so that meant they had to be operated as vertically as possible. Different techniques were used to accomplish this. The throttle was the easiest as an aluminum angle arm was used to reverse the throw and orient the action up high and outboard, so as to miss any potential for chafing and interference with the intake induction tubes:


The mixture utilizes 1/8″ thick 6061T6 aluminum angle to create a 90 degree control connection.


Both controls operate smoothly with no binding, no chafing and operate to the full extent of their throw. All elements are safetied appropriately.