Windscreen Fairing

I’m beginning work on the windscreen fairing. The first thing I had to do was build up the sides of the boot cowl so they would match with the canopy skirt. Apparently, somewhere along the line, something got off and there is a mismatch. Anyway, I mixed up some dry micro with black dye, added a little Cab-o-sil to make it thixotropic and applied it to the abraded sides of the boot cowl. Sanded it down and now the sides are ready for the lay up.


After masking everything off, I used 2″ and 3″ fiberglass tape to create the fairings along the windscreen border with the boot cowl and the windscreen-canopy fairing. I did add two layers of carbon fiber to strengthen the windscreen-canopy fairing.



I’ll let this cure for a few days since I have to travel to Chicago tomorrow and when I get back, it’s time to see if I can open the canopy and begin the interminable sand-fill-sand-fill cycle to make this look decent. Right now, it just looks crude, but strong.