Anti Splat Gust Lock

I recently bought Anti Splat Aero’s gust lock for the RV-8 and thought a brief review for RV-8 owners might be of benefit since pictures of installation in an RV-8 are not on Anti Splat’s website.

Bottom line is that I am happy with the unit. I did have to drill an extra hole in the shaft to get the geometry right with my adjustable pedals. As a relatively short person (5’8″), the pedals sit aft and there just weren’t enough adjustment holes to get the geometry right. Easy fix

In terms of holding power, the rudder and elevators are rock solid. The ailerons less so, but there’s enough resistance there to get the job done. The design of the lock has inherently less power for the ailerons. This is noted in their videos and the requirement is that the gust lock be set as tight as you reasonably can to resist aileron movement.

I like the fact that all three surfaces are locked with one mechanism and that there’s no way you’re going try and take off with this thing between your legs! Also harder to steal. I used this at Oshkosh and on Saturday night when we had intermittent rain showers and full time wind. Everything was in it’s correct place the next morning. It folds up nice and small and is very well made.

It’s not cheap at $189.00, but it’s less expensive that having a hole punched into your rudder because it’s flapping around in the breeze. And to my surprise, there was more than one RV at Oshkosh in HBC with its rudder doing exactly that.