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First Engine Start

To steal a line from Frankenstein, it’s alive! It’s alive!

Thanks to fellow RV-8 builder Jeff Bearden for help in setting this up and manning the unneeded fire extinguisher!

The engine runs a little rough and will need some work on spark plugs and mixture settings, I think.  No leaks at all. A good first start with more to come!

The Prop


I chose to avoid the cost and complexity of the constant speed prop. I mean, this is a plane that will weigh somewhere around 1,050 lbs and has a 190 HP engine. I think it will perform just fine with a fixed pitch prop!

So, I chose to go with Catto Propellers and Craig Catto sent me a 68 x 75 prop with the nickel leading edges. It’s a wood prop with a composite covering. Light, affordable and easy to install!

Engine Fuel Filters-Part Two

Well, when I mounted the wings, my clever fuel filter mounting scheme fell apart since there was interference with the fitting from the wing. So, back to square one. Fortunately, I was able to come up with an even better scheme and one that eases maintenance later. The photo below tells the tale.


Mounting the Prop

IMG_0715I went ahead and mounted my Catto prop yesterday. Very straightforward. I started by torquing each propeller bolt to 20 ft/lbs, then 30 ft/lbs and finally to 40 ft/lbs. As usual, I had to redo my safety wire several times before I was satisfied. Typical.

Engine Fuel Filters-Part One

Van’s instructions call for one fuel filter mounted on the port gear tower. Like other builders, I elected to mount two fuel filters, one at each wing root. I like the idea of having them outside the cockpit and expect that it will make inspection easier and cleaner. Only time and experience will tell!


Update: I had to relocate the fuel filters when I mounted the wing. Click here for more info.