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Mounting the Wings


Jeff Bearden came out to help me get the wings on permanently. It took us a few hours, some LPS-2, Boelube, liberal expletives, a dead blow hammer and all manner of jockeying the wings around to get the holes to line up, but we finally succeeded. No way do I want to do this again. It will be a cold day in hell before I remove these wings. Nothing like doing this on a Tennessee summer day in August.


And here’s the obligatory photo showing me doing something with the wing root. I’m in my socks because I had been in and out of the cockpit a million times and was trying to not scratch up the interior. Ha! As if that worked!

Fuel Tank Testing

So, I wanted to test my fuel tanks before mounting them to the fuselage since it’s been only since 1999 since they were built. As the photos show, I set up each wing on sawhorses, grounded the wing, plugged the fuel tank outlet and quick drain, and added 10 gallons of avgas to the tank. I spread copier paper out under the tanks to catch any leaks and hopefully show blue stains if there were leaks.


Bottom line is that no leaks were detected after leaving the tanks unattended for more than 24 hours. I then pumped the avgas back into gas cans using a small Facet fuel pump and filter. Nothing was caught in the filter. As far as I can tell, the tanks are ready for mounting on the fuselage.


Wings to the Airport!

I borrowed the company trailer and with the help of my son William, we hauled the wings to the hangar. They were laid flat on moving blankets with closed cell foam in between them, and then securely strapped down for the 25 minute ride. All arrived in good shape!


Cabin Floor

My current plan is to mount and rig the flaps and ailerons so I can remove them until final assembly. In order to do this, I needed to mount the flap actuator weldment WD-806 and the electric motor. In order to do that, I needed to have the cabin floor installed, so I decided to install it permanently.

Some builders go to the trouble of installing nutplates in place of pull riveting the floors tp the ribs as called for in Vans plans. I decided not to do that and I guess I’ll see in the future whether that will turn out to be a mistake. I hear that installing all the nutplates is a real PITA. I’m all booked up on PITA projects, so I don’t need any more of them!


Left Flap Fairing

I completed the left wing flap fairing today. I used the same technique as I did on the right wing to rig the flap in the full up position. When finished, I used my protractor to ensure that both flaps were at the same angle and they were. The actual angle isn’t important, but both flaps obviously need to be at the same angle aerodynamically.